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Sustainable Silks

The finest pre-loved silk saris are used to make our beautiful Kimonos. Eco-friendly fashion, handmade and unique from our Award Winning Business


Ethically Made

Our mindful approach to walking the Earth

We believe all businesses should reduce their negative impact on the planet and its' inhabitants.

We aim to; do the right thing according to our values contribute to a circular economy, respect our team and partners, inspire recycling, reduce waste, push boundaries,
and walk the earth gently.


We have a beginning, we are creating a middle, to a never-ending story


Our beginning is our sister company Jane Williams Silks My beautiful hand-painted silk scarves, inspired by Nature, are very successful and the National Trust commissioned me. On my journey, I wondered further down the Sustainability path, increasing my awareness of the tonnes of textiles going to landfill. I had to do something. I created partnerships with some small family businesses in Jaipur that recycle silk saris, no sweatshops here. We are now a team, we are developing the middle of our story together, to recycle and design beautiful silks into eco-conscious fashionwear. We are so inspired that we develop constantly. We have no desire to end our story yet, there are so many more chapters to write, and we will share them with you as we go.

Jane headshot.jpeg

Jane Williams

“ I purchased 2 Kimonos for my partners Birthday. She absolutely adores both of them. They look great: even better than in the photos. ”

Rob Hutchinson
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